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The Potter's Assistant

<em>The Potter's Assistant</em>

© Memorial Hall Museum, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

Isolated within the protective glow of a suffuse natural light, artisan Chauncey Thomas and his young 'assistant' direct their complete attention to the clay vessel taking form between the potter's hands. Frances and Mary Allen played a central role in Deerfield's Arts and Crafts movement. In addition to documenting its exhibitions and photographing artful arrangements of its craft objects for publication in national magazines, the Allen sisters created inspired portraits of many of the movement's artisans. The setting of The Potter's Assistant is The Deerfield Pottery, the studio of Chauncey Thomas located on northern end of old Deerfield's main street.

1909 - 1911
Frances and Mary Allen
H. 4.87" x W. 7"