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Photograph of Shoes, Stockings and Pocket

Photograph of Shoes, Stockings and Pocket

© Memorial Hall Museum, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

This still life features a colonial embroidered pocket, no doubt a treasured possession of the woman wore it, and a prized collection of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association's museum, Memorial Hall. The photographers Frances and Mary Allen were instrumental in promoting Deerfield as a place at which America's past was still very much alive. In these efforts, the pair exhaustively documented the town's old buildings and old things. The eighteenth-century embroideries, such as this pocket, that Margaret Whiting and Ellen Miller studied in Deerfield and the region were the inspiration for the founding of the Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework.

c. 1900
Frances and Mary Allen
H. 7.5" x W. 6"