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Baskets for Fruit, Ferns and Firewood

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...baskets...are to be seen at the house of Mrs. Stebbins on the old Albany road. Mrs. Stebbins not only lends her house but she lends her supervision and utmost care that nothing less than the best shall find a place in the exhibition. The bronze and the green and the blue baskets are all more than excellent, they are remarkable in their way. The forms are fine in the contour, the work is beyond criticism, and the uses of the baskets are manifold. Roses can be picked and carried in the flat ones, fruit can be piled in the deep ones without rolling out, stockings can lie ready for the darning, scraps can be treasured till the time of destroying, letters can be tucked away, thermos bottles guarded from injury and umbrellas kept standing so that your friend may experience no inconvenience in selecting the umbrella that he will forget to return. Ferns will grown in basket fences to deck your table, and your firewood will easily lie in this big basket.

The Springfield Republican, July 10, 1912.