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The Blue and White Society is Formed

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Our portfolios gradually gathered this testimony- we discovered that America once possessed an individual art that had a style of its own. How to bring it to its proper recognition, to rescue these designs always unique (for each needlewoman drew her ornaments free hand and her finished product had no replica,)...became the next matter of interest to Miss Miller and to me.
Thus there came about the notion that a society for the reproduction of these designs, and for a continuance of the style they inaugurated should be founded; a society whose first motive should be this one, and as a necessary fulfillment of the spirit of the old days a society whose work should be honest in every detail, produced for the love of good work, and carried on to the mutual advantage of all its members.

Margaret Whiting's "Notes on Village Industries," Typescript, 1900. Deerfield Town Papers, collection of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association.