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Deerfield's 'brides in blue'

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Once upon a time, before our century, there were three sisters who lived in this mansion, and who were all married from here on the same day--Nabby, Rachel and Sally. It was down these stairs that they walked, each in her own little world of wonder and exaltation, together making the trio now known as the "brides in blue." Their sky-blue wedding dresses brushed this newel in passing, their feet passed over this threshold, and when they came back from the red brick church opposite, the three maids had become three brides. Incidentally, too, there were three bridegrooms, who wore silk waistcoats and buckles and ruffles, and had the names, Joshua and John, and Hart.

Madeline Yale Wynne, "Deerfield Doors", The House Beautiful, November 1899, p. 248.

The Arts and Crafts moment in Deerfield was intimately tied to the town's colonial heritage. Artisan Madeline Yale Wynne recounts the stories of a past time when the three 'brides in blue' lived in her Deerfield home, the Manse.