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'The charm of the individual'

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...In Mrs. Wynne's ornaments...the most important element in their making is personality. Each ring and necklace takes with it the charm of the individual and is wrought by the artist as a thing of beauty and sentiment. Among the stones set by Mrs. Wynne is the rare phenomenon among gems, a beautiful amethyst whose clear hardness encloses a minute drop of water that rolls about in its tiny prison. The Druid ring is set with a bit of rock from Stonehenge, and the "swivel" ring has a piece of opal in the matrix which may be worn now showing the beautiful colors of one side and again the liglets of the other side. "The Pipes of Pan" is a necklace of little wrought silver tubes that jingle with a truly musical sound when worn about the neck. There are enamels, too, and brooches and scarf pins, each separate one with its own beauty and personal charm.

The Springfield Daily Republican, July 2, 1914.