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Drawing of DSBWN door curtain for "home on the Hudson" River, NY

Drawing of DSBWN door curtain for

© Memorial Hall Museum, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

"In addition to portieres wit Sarah Snell motifs, the DSBWN also designed a portier adapting patterns found on a bedspread made by Kate Catlin, a Deerfield milliner born in 1783, for her neice C.Alice Baker. The DSBWN embroidered the door curtain with Blue and white threads on gray linen for "a country house on the hudson." ...A few years later, C. Alice Baker commissioned Emma Henry to adapt the DSBWN pattern of her 'Aunt Katy's bedspread for a candlewick spread. DSBWN chapter 43 Looks like this accession number goes to an allen photo: Verso, ink: [ph]otographic reproduction of door cu[rtain] / made on gray linen, worked in shades / of blue and white threads, for a / country house on the Hudson" / DSBWN wetstamp. Repetitive, stylized border on three sides of a central, stylized floral design. Compare to the Henry Bedspread

c. 1906
Deerfield Society of Blue & White Needlework