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Elizabeth Brooks Fuller

<em>Elizabeth Brooks Fuller</em>

© Memorial Hall Museum, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

When Elizabeth Brooks Fuller was about five years old, she sat very still on a ladder back chair as her uncle Augustus painted her portrait. Dressed in deep green and sitting against a dark wall, Elizabeth's hands, and especially her sweet face, framed by wisps of light brown hair and the golden trim of her hood, emerge as the paintings' focus. Elizabeth was born into a family of artists, and she, herself would grow up to become a landscape painter, working with other American painters such as Rockwell Kent, and Abbott Handerson Thayer. While the painters in her family and her famous uncle, Augustus Vincent Tack, known for his portraits and murals, would not have considered themselves to be Deerfield Arts and Crafts artisans, they did often hold concurrent exhibits. Augustus Vincent Tack served on the Deerfield Industries advisory board, and in 1906 he presented a lecture on Japanese design principles to its membership.

Augustus V. Tack
H. 36.25" x W. 29.937"