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Palm Leaf Baskets

Palm Leaf Baskets

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The Deerfield Basket Makers' palm leaf baskets generally feature neat, flat, tightly-woven surfaces constructed of undyed materials. These quite affordable baskets came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including square covered baskets, trays, round and oval work baskets and cases for such every day objects as needles, hairpins, tooth brushes, combs and cards.

The first type of basket created by the Deerfield Basket Makers was the palm leaf basket. Palm leaf basketry was a remembered, rather than a Colonial craft, and recalled a time in the 1830s and 1840s when the braiding of palm leaf hats was a significant household industry in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

c. 1910
Deerfield Basket Makers
H. 2.875" x Diam. 4"