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There is nothing more fascinating to my way of thinking than sitting down to a perfectly strung loom and building up something beautiful, with no pattern beyond the love for color harmony which is part of every weavers[sic] natural equipment.
I, as all of us, have a very interesting list of visitors and customers including a good many artists. I do not say this in any boasting spirit but by way of encouragement, for no matter what you do, if you make something of your very own. and [sic] as lovely as you can possibly make it. You will find someone will understand your work and alas, want to possess it.

Eleanor Arms, "Notes on Deerfield Industries for Cape Cod talk, May 25, 1929." Arms Family Papers, Box 10, from the collection of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association.

Echoes of Madeline Yale Wynne's influence can be heard in Eleanor Arm's philosophy about what leads to success in the arts.