Timeline of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield
daffodil bowl

c. 1896
Daffodil Bowl
Madeline Yale Wynne


Frances and Mary Allen

Bride's Chest

Bride's Chest
Edwin Thorn, Caleb Allen, Cornelius Kelley

copper buckle

c. 1902
Copper Belt Clasp
Madeline Yale Wynne


c. 1903

Rose Tree

c. 1905
Rose Tree

Hoopoo Bird

Hoopoo Bird

brown pottery vase

1910 - 1911
Pottery Vase
Chauncey Thomas

woven rag rug

c. 1910
Beside the Garden Path
Eleanor M. Arms

blueberry basket

c. 1913
Blueberry Basket
Deerfield Basket Makers

Apple Trees

1905 - 1925
Apple Trees
Luanna Thorn

wrought iron fern stand

Fern Stand
Cornelius Kelley









































Jane Addams

Progressive reformers Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr establish Hull House for the benefit of the immigrant population of Chicago. Ellen has family ties in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Visitation to Memorial Hall Museum: not reported

Ernest Fenollosa, America's authority on Japanese art, lectures on Asian art in Deerfield. Madeline Wynne's mother recalls that he "brought the very spirit of Japanese Art to us."

Frary House

C. Alice Baker buys the historic Frary House. as a summer home.

2268 visitors

Visitation to Memorial Hall Museum: not reported

Memorial Hall Museum

Visitors to Memorial Hall Museum are increasing and free admission was replaced by a 10 cent fee. Visits included 16 school groups "in a body" with 16-68 pupils per class, and "large delegations from the colleges."

2515 visitors

46 nations participate in the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Illinois. The fair celebrates the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the New World.

2100 visitors

2530 visitors

Madeline Yale Wynne's short ghost story, "The Little Room" is published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine.

Harper's Magazine

2100 visitors

The Village Room

The "Village Room" is dedicated.

In May, Miller home later to become the Society's showrooms.

Visitation not reported

Mary Allen's article "Blue and White Needlework of Deerfield," is published in The House Beautiful.

Madeline Yale Wynne lectures on silver work at Chicago's Hull House.

Five embroideries from Deerfield are sent to the first exhibit of the Chicago Arts and Crafts Society.

Visitation not reported

The first exhibit and sale of Deerfield Society of Arts and Crafts work is held in the "Village Room".

Frary House.

Arthur Wesley Dow's revolutionary art education textbook Composition is published. Dow's design ideas will greatly influence American Arts and Crafts artisans.

Visitation not reported

Madeline Yale Wynne

Madeline Yale Wynne becomes a member of PVMA.

2198 visitors

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 26th president this year.

The Deerfield Society of Arts and Crafts is founded by Madeline Yale Wynne on August 17th.

2365 visitors

bookbinding by Ellen Gates Starr

A special exhibition of the Arts and Crafts book bindings of Ellen Gates Starr is held in Deerfield. Starr was cofounder of Chicago's famous Hull House, and is related to Frances & Mary Allen.

3432 visitors

Jane Pratt's article "From Merton Abbey to Old Deerfield", appears in the November 1903 edition of the Arts and Crafts journal The Craftsman.

Wright brothers' first flight

Orville Wright takes the first powered airplane flight over a beach in North Carolina.

5396 visitors

Female ownership of real estate along The Street steadily increased in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. By 1904, nearly forty percent of the homes were owned by women.

6334 visitors

Pauline Bouve publishes "The Deerfield Renaissance" in the New England Magazine.

5689 visitors

The Deerfield Society of Arts and Crafts holds a special exhibition of foreign textiles that includes items from Japan and Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Society of Deerfield Industries.

Painter Society of Deerfield Industries.

6916 visitors

The book-length tourist guide, A Historic and Present Day Guide to Old Deerfield, by photographer and Frary House resident Emma Coleman is first published

6576 visitors

Ford's Model T

The Ford Motor Company begins manufacturing the Model T.

The first annual National League of Handicraft Society Convention is held in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Both Madeline Yale Wynne and Arthur Wesley Dow are its vice presidents.

7014 visitors

A lecture on "Woman Suffrage" is presented in the Village Room.

Chauncey Thomas

Professionally-trained potter Deerfield Pottery.

7100 visitors

pageant scene

The town's first historical pageant takes place on the grounds of the Allen homestead during three days in July.

The 1704 raid on Deerfield was first captured on film in the Edison Company's movie, "Ononko's Vow" which was filmed in Deerfield in the spring.

5982 visitors

During the months of December 1911 and January 1912, the Allen sisters host the National League of Handicraft Societies traveling exhibit in their home.

Chauncey Thomas closes his pottery shop and the following year moves to California.

5908 visitors

5988 visitors

The six-year-old National League of Handicraft Societies dissolves.

Pageant brochure

The town's second historical pageant takes place this summer. It attracts more than 5,000 tourists to Deerfield.

6729 visitors

World War I begins.

6582 visitors

Margaret Whiting

Margaret Whiting presents "Why I am a Suffragette" to the local Woman's Alliance.

Gertrude Porter Ashley and Mildred Porter Ashley publish Raffia Basketry As a Fine Art. It is illustrated with baskets that they made with Natalie May Ashley.

7548 visitors

During four days in August, Deerfield's final historical pageant takes place on the grounds of the Allen homestead.

7712 visitors

WWI poster recruiting women

The United States enters World War I. Women on the Deerfield home front support the war effort in various ways.

For the first time since its annual exhibitions were instituted, there is no Arts and Crafts group exhibition in Deerfield this summer.

6241 visitors

In January, Madeline Yale Wynne passes away. For the second year in a row, the annual group exhibition of Deerfield Arts and Crafts work is cancelled.

World War I ends on the 11th day of November.

4753 visitors

The Deerfield Arts and Crafts artisans celebrate their twentieth anniversary with a town-wide group exhibition. This will be the last exhibition organized by the Society of Deerfield Industries for ten years.

6931 visitors

newspaper announces vote for women

At the end of August the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified. Deerfield's female artisans and women across the nation now possess the right to vote.

7712 visitors

8440 visitors

Margaret Whiting becomes president of the Deerfield branch of the League of Women Voters.

7897 visitors

The 250th anniversary of the incorporation of Deerfield is celebrated in August.

8590 visitors

The trolley tracks are removed from The Street in Deerfield.

8586 visitors

Old Town Hall of Deerfield

This year saw extensive remodeling of the old Deerfield Town Hall. Changes included the addition of a pedimented portico supported by ionic columns done in a revival of a Greek Revival style, which had been popular in the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

8963 visitors

The Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework officially "close their books."

In 1926, old Deerfield held an open house for benefit of the Laurel Hill Cemetary Association. Costumed owners of fifteen of Deerfield's historic homes greeted over 4000 visitors in one day. The event raised $4,200.

9661 visitors

In her diary, Eleanor Arms, who wove rag rugs and palm leaf baskets, reports her 1927 income from weaving to be $1,133.40. She also mentions receiving a $200 commission from Henry Ford for rugs for the Wayside Inn in South Sudbury, Massachusetts.

9139 visitors

7620 visitors

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